Welcome to the brand new blog! Hey Guys! Welcome to the brand new blog. So, I spent quite a bit of time designing and pulling together this new layout. It's an expansion on the previous layout. The goal here is to utilize this blog as a hub for all other social networks. Think...Read More
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Graduation Wow I can't believe it. I graduated Art Center finally. LOL Never have I invested so much of my time, energy, and finances into anything like that institution. When it comes to Art Center, all I remember is the culture shock and then 4 years of death defying workloads. Looking...Read More
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CTN-X 2014 So, on the advice of my friend Justin Oaksford a LONG time ago (back when we were both still at Art Center), I decided to finally do a New Talent booth at CTN-X this year. It was quite the experience! Needless to say I had a lot of fun, and I...Read More
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Analytical Anatomy Post dump from 4th term work in "Analytical Anatomy" class with Rey Bustos. I learned so much from this class - we actually got to visit UCLA Medical and see cadavers; it's surprising how similar the human body's muscles are to the medical illustrations. The handouts alone are worth taking the...Read More
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Book Binding I'm pretty excited about these books I made. I had the fortunate pleasure of having graduated with Edmund Liang and Perry Maple. They both taught me how to bind books via the sewing method; where you use an awl to poke holes through the spine of the book and sew...Read More
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Viscom 5 It's week 3 of Bob Kato's Viscom 5 class and we're doing head sketches =3 The first two weeks we were doing self portraits, which I don't like to do lol I just don't like drawing my face haha In any case, here is the in class head sketches we...Read More
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San Francisco 2013 I had the awesome pleasure of going on a road trip up north to see San Francisco for the first time on the 4th of July. The trip was amazing. I saw so many places, and managed to sneak a few photos at some prominent companies. I also got the...Read More
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Digital Landscape Quick Post Dump of homework... ...Read More
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